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Eirini Kelidou

Eirini Kelidou was born in Thessaloniki in 1969 and graduated with a distinction in 1990 from Dimitrelis’ design school. Her specialization was on the study, architecture and design of interior spaces.
In the beginning of her career she worked in big architectural offices and cooperated with significant architects of the field. She also worked in the 9th Dirctorate of Byzantine Antiquities.
In 2000, she started her career as a freelancer, carrying in her baggage not only important experience, but mostly love for design and strong desire to create beautiful and functional private and professional spaces. Since, having as a driving force her love for the space but for the humans as well, she has carried out a variety of projects, which have popped out from special type publication both in Greece and In the Balkans. She designs and supervises works for Interlor places for Individuals. residences and professional spaces like offices, medical clinics, shops and hotels. Moreover she undertakes the design and the maintenance of special places that need specific designing solutions.
Man and space
For Irene, design is a way of life and creatine expression. She knows well that for a result both useful and with an aesthetic quality, what counts is not only the space itsel, but the people who experience it. This is why she caters for listening to your needs, before she moves on to her designing suggestions, so that she can effectively evaluate the space and its use.
Having as her main concern the unique style and the meticulous study of the designs, she never rests on her laurels.
She is constantly Informed for Innovative materials, new trends and techniques by traveling abroad and taking International connections Into advantage.
A piece of interior design is born, raised and completed through the creative procedure. Just like a child; starting from the initial idea and the study, it is born through the three-dimensional designing analytics, it is growing through the process of supervision and it is finally completed and brought to life when delivered.
Eirini Kelidou has the planning, infrastructure, experience and the expertise to deliver with the same effectiveness, every project she carries out. Above all she is characterized by the passion and love for design and the individual. So she listens to your needs and she offers you through innovative design the space of your dreams.
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